Top Online WCC Games You Must Try At Least Once

Since cricket is the second most-watched sport globally, online cricket games are prevalent among cricket fanatics. There are numerous types of single-player and multiplayer online cricket games available on major platforms. One of the most popular online cricket game franchises that have a massive fan base is WCC or World Cricket Championship, which is developed by Nextwave Multimedia.

According to Wikipedia, the franchise’s first game was released in 2011. Since then, numerous iterations of the games have been released that have contributed to increasing the franchise’s popularity. Here are some of the best online WCC games every cricket fan should try at least once:

Top Online Wcc Games You Must Try At Least Once
Top Online Wcc Games You Must Try At Least Once
  • World Cricket Championship Lite

WCC Lite is one of the best online cricket games available for users who like indulging in games that feature appealing graphics and different playing modes. A desirable feature of the game is that it is very lightweight, i.e., it occupies less than 100 MB of storage on players’ phones. Furthermore, it is very optimized for phones that do not have ample RAM or high-performing CPUs. The main features that appeal to the fans include:

  • Multiplayer Mode – The batting-only multiplayer mode allows players to compete with their friends in real-time. The person who scores the most runs in a limited time wins the match.
  • Tournaments – There are numerous famous tournaments available in the game from which users can play their preferred one. Whether it is the T20 or the ODI World Cup, WCC Lite has all major tournaments readily available.
  • Mini Games – The game features numerous mini-games that players can indulge in. The addition of mini-games enhances the overall appeal of the game.

The game is exclusively available for Android and iPadOS users. Enthusiasts can open their iPad’s App Store or Android smartphone’s Google Play Store to download and install the application.

  • WCC2

WCC2 on MPL is popular among cricket enthusiasts for its amazing 3D graphics and lifelike in-game elements. Everything about the WCC2, from its realistic ball physics to its customization features, makes it the perfect online game for fans who want an immersive gaming experience. The game significantly takes the realism factor to a new level by offering numerous camera angles during games, realistic animations, easy-to-use controls, and many more such features. Some of the main features of the game include:

  • Multiple Formats and Tournament Modes – Players can participate in any major tournament in WCC2, such as the ODI World Cup, the Indian Premier League, Asia Cup, Champions Trophy, etc.
  • Appealing Visual Effects and Animations – WCC2 features top-tier animations and visual effects that make playing the game fun and interesting. The game has over 150 batting animations and 29 bowling actions.
  • Realistic Features – The game features lifelike fielding features. In-game characters take mesmerizing catches, perform quick stumping, and the 3rd umpire’s decisions are accurate.

For Android users, the WCC2 game download process is straightforward. Here are the steps following which Android smartphone users can get the game:

Step 1 – Open MPL’s official website.

Step 2 – Enter the phone number to receive the download link.

Step 3 – Click on the link to download the app.

Step 4 – After the download is complete, register on the app.

Step 5 – Once the registration process is complete, install WCC2 and start playing.

iOS users can download the game by opening the App Store and clicking on the download button after finding the game.

  • World Cricket Championship 2

Developed by Nextwave Multimedia, World Cricket Championship 2 is a fine specimen of what an exceptional online cricket game should look like. It is an advanced game that features eye-catching elements and game modes. World Cricket Championship 2 also provides tons of customization features so that cricket enthusiasts can implement their knowledge to create a team that they want. Here are some of the most remarkable features of the game:

  • Different Control Options – Players can opt from two control options, depending on their game proficiency, namely Classic and Pro. This allows beginners to improve their skills and become an expert. Similarly, it facilitates experts to have an engaging experience.
  • Customizable Teams – Players can customize every aspect of a cricket team according to their preferences, ranging from the name of in-game players to their roles.
  • Cinematic Animations – The game features numerous appealing animations that enhance the game’s realism.

World Cricket Championship 2 is available for both iOS and Android users. Both platforms can conveniently download the game from their respective application stores. 

  • World Cricket Championship 3

World Cricket Championship 3 is an iteration of the WCC franchise that has won numerous accolades for being a top-tier online cricket game. Developed by Nextwave Multimedia, the game provides players with exceptional gameplay, optimized controls, professional commentary, and many other appealing attributes. The game implements AI to make the gameplay more immersive for hardcore cricket fans. Some of the best features of the game include:

  • Career Mode – The game’s new career mode facilitates players to have a complete and in-depth experience of the world of cricket. By opting for the career mode, players can play in numerous tournaments. Furthermore, players can also upgrade the abilities of in-game characters, customize their gears, take on-field decisions, etc.
  • Team Management – Enthusiasts who have vast knowledge about crickets can play the game to craft the ultimate team as per their preference.
  • Appealing Visual Elements and Animations – The game takes the appeal factor up a notch by offering realistic animations and visual effects. Furthermore, other in-game objects and elements, such as the appearance of players and stadiums, are designed to captivate the attention of cricket fanatics.

World Cricket Championship 3 is readily available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Hence, both iOS and Android users can download the game without hassle.

The WCC franchise of online cricket games is popular primarily because it facilitates cricket fans to indulge in a lifelike virtual gaming experience. Enthusiasts who wish to try out playing online cricket games can download the ones mentioned above to experience what playing the best online cricket games feels like.

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