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Card games are a fun and useful way to spend your time and have been popular for ages. There are so many card games to play, but what do you do when you don’t have anyone to play with, or maybe no deck of cards on hand? Luckily, there are now online solutions that let you play your favorite games on the internet, even if you play alone. If you are good at the games and think you have a shot to win over others, then you could try to move over to gambling! Here are some card games you can play online.


In the game blackjack, it is all about hitting 21 or getting as close to 21 as at all possible, without getting over, as you have then gone “bust”. You play against the dealer and have nothing to do with the other players at the table. The dealer draws cards until they hit a minimum of 17. If they come between 17-21, they have to stop and cannot draw more cards. The game always starts by throwing your bet in. Then, everyone at the table is dealt two cards, as well as the dealer. You can now see the value of your cards and get a better idea if you should stand, double, split, or take one more card to hit blackjack (21). Blackjack is often played at casinos.

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Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular card games in the poker category. It is actually quite easy to play, but it is with good strategies and a clear mind, that you will be able to make choices that land you the big win. The games start with each player being dealt two cards that only the player can see. The dealer then places five cards on the table – first three at a time, then another, and then one more. All players can see these cards to be able to form the best poker hand. The players take turns betting before and after the cards are dealt. To stay in the game, all players must have the same number of chips in the pot. In the end, the best poker hand wins.


Solitaire is a great way to have the time pass and get a good old brain teaser at the same time. While this does not require several people to play, it is more accessible online as you don’t need a deck of cards. Some computers have built-in solitaire. The most popular one is the 7-solitaire, here is how you play:

7-solitaire: The cards are in seven rows on the table, the first row has one card, then it rises with one card to the last deck that has seven. The top card is faced up. It’s about collecting the four aces on top of the table, you do this by moving around the cards on the table, or drawing from the deck with the remaining cards, three pieces at a time.

Feeling Lucky?

If you like to play cards and find yourself good at it, you might want to take it to the casinos. These can also be found online and are available at any time. Here you can play with others and even play live with professional dealers. While it is riskier since you are now gambling with real money, the games get much more exciting. An online casino is perfect for you if you like to play card games and think you can beat the other players. There are also several different casinos to play at, so remember to choose a good and safe one.

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