Is it Safe to Convert a Word File into a PDF Online?

Today we are going to address a remarkably interesting query about online conversion of files from word to pdf format. Our readers usually ask us whether it is safe to convert a word file into pdf online, and their concern is quite genuine because of the pitfalls of online file converters. So today, we are going to discuss the different pitfalls along with the best and most secure tool that can help you with the online conversion of word files to pdf!

If you google ‘online word to pdf converter,’ then you will be surprised to see that there are more than hundreds of free and paid programs and tools running online for the online conversion of formats. The majority of these websites offering conversion services also make fancy promises and offers that are not trustworthy at all. Some tools will require you to download the software on your system, and some will ask you to enter the input online and make conversions there and then, but you must be careful in this regard. Below are some risks that can expose your files in online conversions!

Safety issues!

The first thing that you need to focus on is the security of your content. Not all websites are secure to use, and this is why you need to make a background check on these sites before you start using them for conversions. There are many websites working today that can deliver the virus to your systems without you knowing about it, and this can not only pose a threat to your content but also to your system as well. Your server can be damaged, which can cause a permanent loss in your files and other important stuff on your system.

Quality issues!

Every file has its own formalities and constraints, which you must fulfill before submitting it with the client. The time, cost, and quality of the project matter a lot, and for this very reason, it is important that you put your focus on all project management factors. The quality of the document is very important for you to maintain as in online conversion, there are different versions of word and pdf working on every other tool, and if a document is converted into a prior or senior version, then it can affect the quality and the format of the file. You need a tool that can help you convert your file by keeping intact the original format!

Privacy of the doc!

You will find a lot of tools online that can promise security and reliability. Privacy issues are very important in online conversions as it can result in plagiarism and, in the end, waste of time and effort in writing the content. Many tools claim that they delete your files soon after you convert them, but you need a tool that actually respects this statement and deletes your files from its database. If you are working on confidential docs, then you should be incredibly careful about this scenario!

Large file sizes!

Files size is another backlash that you face while converting files online. The typical limit allowed by online tools as input is 50 to 150 MB! If your file is huge in size, then it can be difficult for you to convert it, and in cases like this, you have to split your document which also ruins the formatting of the original file, and it can be more difficult for you to present it in the pdf format. Some tools even limit you in converting files in number. You need a tool that can help you in unlimited conversions both in terms of size and number!

Lucky for you, we have the right tool for you. The tool is discussed below for you guys!

Online word to pdf converter!

The best online word to pdf converter tool belongs to the duplichecker. Duplichecker is a very reputed, seo tools platform. You can easily use the word to pdf converter tool by duplichecker to make reliable and accurate conversions without worrying about registrations and formalities. Below we have stated the working steps and some of the features of the word to pdf converter!

Working on the tool!

  • use this link to visit and then simply navigate the online converter tool!
  • In the tool, you will find an upload button that you will use to enter the word files that you need to convert to pdf!
  • After completing input, you simply have to press the ‘convert’ button, and you will see how easily and quickly the tool will convert your files by keeping intact the formation of the file!

This is a free tool, and you can use it to convert an unlimited amount of files on a daily basis, plus the best thing about this tool is that it is both reliable and secure in converting your files!

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